Ducksboard API

Welcome to the Ducksboard API documentation.

This site contains a detailed description of the three main parts of the Ducksboard API, the Push API, the Pull API and the Dashboard API.

If you just want to push data to custom widgets, read the short Tutorial explaining this typical use case.

Available APIs

The Push API is what you use to send data to Ducksboard. It’s a simple way to include your own internal metrics in your dashboards, just make a single HTTP call and the information will instantly appear in the widget. You can also have Ducksboard pull data from a URL provided by you, if you’d rather have us do inbound requests than push data to us.

The Pull API is a way to get data out of Ducksboard. You can get both the data you sent through the Push API and data from your online services that Ducksboard tracks, like Twitter, Zendesk or New Relic. This API comes in two flavors: a simple HTTP access method and a WebSocket server that can deliver updates in real time.

Finally, the Dashboard API is a REST interface to any action you can do in Ducksboard. It allows you to programatically create and modify your widgets, dashboards and all the other parts of Ducksboard. It’s quite powerful, but also a little complicated.

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